Patchi is a global chocolatier founded in Lebanon in 1974. Now located in 32 countries, Patchi is a luxury chocolate and chocolate gifts international businesses. Kareem Elgendy worked with Patchi to implement one of its first sustained digital ad campaigns for the United States market.
Winter Holiday 2014
Kareem Elgendy
Patchi sells its luxury chocolate products through a mix of lines. And without the brick & mortar retail support, while challenging (limited analytics tools/options in 2014), it was critical to optimize ad streams on the margin. As is typical with any pure eCommerce businesses, but it was not the norm for a major brand with traditional distribution channels. Analytics was therefore, integral, so we can trace the ad margin of the unit sales back to ad source attribution and demonstrate real performance.

This project was a revolution for Patchi, where we were able to measure and capitalize on a variety of opportunities with specific targeting. The best example of this, Filipino communities in the United States, who know of the legendary chocolatier from back home (but have a better standard of living than in the Middle East) were served ads in their native tongue.

We hit 4x relative performance boosts on these ads and received highly positive feedback from target constituents. Our general campaign scope constituted the winter 2014 holiday as shown below.
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