Sling TV
Push Analytics, through a partner agency, was approached to provide digital marketing services for Sling TV international with a primary focus on Arab American markets. Push Analytics packaged market research, digital strategy, and analytics management into a Ramadan (holiday) campaign targeting the Arab market primarily in Northeast population cores.
Fall 2015
Kareem Elgendy
Sling TV, a DISH company, positions as an OTT live TV option for cord-cutters. Leveraging its international media network through the DISH brand, Sling TV offers unique international packages with fast and easy setup. Kareem Elgendy led the brand's first digital marketing campaigns for the Arab market.

Campaign timing coincided with Ramadan, a religious holiday widely celebrated in the Arab countries. For those who have an affinity with Arab media, Ramadan is 'commercialized' whereby new TV shows, movies, and other media events are scheduled for release to capitalize on the general holiday cheer.

It was important for the marketing campaign to capture the spirit of this eastern tradition in the way that Christmas does in western countries. Campaign debut was a success with activations across OOH, sponsorships, EDDMs, custom landing pages, and a variety of social and search ads.
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