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Co-Founder, Strategist
Architect by training, Kareem Elgendy brings tactical design and creativity to every project. Inspired by the magical world of modern advertising, Kareem sees marketing as a space where tech enables active, brand story-telling. Kareem has cultivated a business & marketing portfolio of over 30 companies. At Push Analytics he blends business and marketing strategy to help brands grow.
Co-Founder, Data Architect
Moustafa eats, breathes, and sleeps 1s and 0s. In an ever-crowding, data everywhere world, our co-founder and resident data architect enables us to view, analyze, and present findings in a uniquely sophisticated and elegant way. Moustafa hails from a background in engineering and statistical modeling and applies creative mathematics to our projects.
Digital Engineer
Hamdy Albana comes from the startup scene with a diverse skillset from product design to paid media management and more. At Push Analytics, Hamdy manages the digital engineering of campaigns. Including the day to day performance operations of digital advertising. Hamdy is passionate about helping businesses achieve goals and realize potential.
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